First Day of School! First Day of School! Wake up, wake up dad! I don't want to go to school... Not YOU dad! ME!!

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So our first days of school weren't quite like Nemo's. First of all, my kids won't put their faces in the water so swimming to school was out of the question. And, they were quite nervous for their first days, not excited. Anyhow, J.J. started first grade at Kaysville Elem. and I'm so proud of him! The long day is tough for him to get used to. And first grade doesn't do nearly as many fun crafty activities as Kindergarten but he's learning a lot! He gets a good amount of homework every night, which means I do too. When we were going over vowels, I discovered that they've added "y" to the "a-e-i-o-u". When did that happen?
Danny, my Danny. Started Pre-school. I was surprised how nervous he was when we got to the school. I thought he'd be running into class! Once I finally convinced him that I was "going to talk to a lady and that I'd be right back", he let go of me and I was FREE!!!!! Free for 2 hours to do anything I wanted ALL BY MYSELF! I even called James to announce the news! I went to the mall to get a new watch battery and didn't even have to stop by the quarter rides for a few minutes of "pretend" rides. So the time came to go get Danny and when I got there he had big eyes and shouted, "Mom! I had FUN!" sigh.... what a relief.... now he wants to go every day but only gets to go 2 times a week. We have a speech therapist that will be working with him in his class so I hope to see some new improvement soon. He talked NON STOP to me ALL DAY and I understood about a third of all this exciting stuff he had to say. When he gets all excited he talks loud and fast and sometimes it's hard to follow. (I know..... he's just like me.)So I'm thrilled that my boys are getting adjusted to school and happy about their schools and their teachers. Now if they can make new friends and learn how to confront the bullies. (Yes, there are "mean" boys already.)


Jared said...

I can't believe how BIG they are! Danny is all grown up! I'm glad that JJ is liking school and that Danny is so enthusiastic about pre-school! I am also happy that you get some time to yourself! YEAH! What great is nice to see what you guys are up to! And this is Jennifer McIntyre...signed in under my hubby. :)

Jess said...

Update... update... update. I hope you guys are doing good with your recent move and the boys (and you) are adjusting well. keep us posted.